The Psychedelic Pharmacists Association
The Psychedelic Pharmacists Association

Welcome to The Psychedelic Pharmacists Association

The Leading Non-Profit Devoted to Pharmacists Advancing Psychedelics as Medicines

About Us

We are a community of pharmacists and pharmacist-allies advocating for, educating on, and participating in the clinical utilization of psychedelic medicines. We are a global community and welcome members across the world.

This platform is our home base for sharing resources, hosting events, and engaging in communications with other members of our community. It is also the basis for managing membership in the Psychedelic Pharmacists Association. We welcome you to join the conversation! Let's collaborate together to build a future where we can safely and intelligently use these tools to improve mental health care.

Why You Should Join Us

Unlock the potential of psychedelic medicine with the Psychedelic Pharmacists Association. Join us to explore the science & policy of mind-expanding substances as we pave the way for pharmacists in the psychedelic space. Elevate your knowledge and connect with a community of peers, allies and mentors. Welcome to the pharmacist-lead psychedelic network.

We offer educational programs and host regular events to connect members, clinicians, and researchers. You'll find opportunities for leadership, mentorship, and teaching through our internal committees or by engaging with schools and other organizations.

Join us in shaping the future of pharmacists and pharmaceutical sciences within the psychedelic ecosystem.

Whether participating in one of our committees, engaging in thoughtful discussions, or leading our non-profit’s direction, we need YOU to help define what it means to be a Psychedelic Pharmacist.

As the academic and regulatory landscapes evolve, it's crucial to establish our role and advance our profession to ensure the safe and effective use of psychedelic therapies. By building a strong community and uniting our voices, we will position pharmacists as trusted leaders in psychedelic medicine.

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